Guarantees for export

Contractual certainty for you and your customers

Globalisation has enabled a large number of companies to reach new markets. But crossing borders also involves customs formalities. Our guarantees for international trade are essential.

By choosing Allianz Trade for your guarantees you choose for:

  • Tailor-made bonds and guarantees 
  • Export and customs expertise
  • A solid financial partner
  • Attractive conditions
You can find here below a selection of our extensive range of guarantees for export. We always adapt them according to your needs. The guarantee you are looking for is not listed? Contact us.

What are the advantages of our guarantees for export?

Use our bonds and take the pressure off your bank credit line. The additional liquidity will be available for other calls on cash facilities.
Our AA rating from Standard & Poor's provides your financial partners and beneficiaries the confidence to trade at home or overseas.
Extend your business into new markets. Benefit from our export expertise to fulfill your custom obligations.

Sureties and guarantees are core business for a credit insurer. That is not the case for a bank. If you choose for a guarantee from an insurer, you choose for more financial breathing space, more flexibility, and more customization.

But there are more advantages. We list the five most important ones for you.

  1. Your credit lines remain free
  2. No hard guarantee needed
  3. Specialized warranty managers
  4. Bespoke sureties and guarantees
  5. Performing technology
  1. Identify the need
    You need to set up a guarantee or other form of security to export goods.
  2. Risk analysis
    Provide complete information for review and assessment. Our team of specialists will share insight and advice.
  3. Set up of the guarantee
    We ensure that you will fulfill your custom obligations.
  4. Limit the damages
    If you can't fulfill your custom commitments, the damages will be covered by the guarantee.
For many businesses, globalisation has opened up opportunities to reach new markets. International trade poses ever more complex challenges with every new foreign market you enter. Safeguarding your export contracts requires clever financial management and an understanding of credit management. Guarantees for construction and installation businesses are a well-known phenomenon. International guarantees issued in your name are essential. Guarantees provide proof that you can meet your contractual commitments, putting new customers’ minds at rest. Thanks to our AA rating from Standard & Poor’s, our guarantees are better than most bank guarantees and offer more flexibility. To maximise your benefit and support your business plan, we ensure that our guarantees conform to local laws and regulations.