• Allianz Trade is the global leader in trade credit insurance and a recognized specialist in the areas of surety, guarantees and fraud insurance.
  • We help companies to develop their business activities in Belgium and abroad, with confidence in tomorrow.
  • Allianz Trade in BeLux is one of the 55 worldwide offices within Allianz Trade, a subsidiary of Allianz. In Belgium, we have more than 90 years of experience and 180 employees are at your service.

Brokers are one of our most important and strategic business partners. This is why we firmly believe in strong relationships, where our dedicated teams work side by side with you to support our mutual customers.

By partnering with Allianz Trade, you can benefit from our expert solutions such as trade credit insurance, surety bonds and fraud insurance, to help your customers globally to trade wisely and develop their business safely.

By partnering with us to offer trade-related insurance solutions to your clients, you can:

  • Differentiate yourself as a consultative partner helping clients to address their most pressing business needs
  • Establish a deeper relationship with your clients by leveraging your trade-related-insurance knowledge
  • Receive local support and training from our expert and dedicated teams
  • Earn commission by securing your existing customers and identifying potential opportunities with new clients
Three reasons brokers partner with Allianz Trade:
  • You define how involved you want to be and how you want our representatives to provide support.
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  • As a company of Allianz, we’re a reliable reference for your clients thanks to our AA rating from Standard & Poor’s.
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  • Your clients benefit from our proprietary intelligence network that monitors 85 million+ companies daily.
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    Trade credit insurance helps your customers protect their receivables from unexpected losses due to bad debts due to customer insolvency or late payment.
    Surety bonds support your clients’ contractual obligations, safeguard  their working capital and help them close successful transactions.
    Thanks to fraud insurance policies, your clients can protect their business against cybercrime and fraud, and be indemnified in the event of a claim.