Overview of our trade credit insurance solutions

Did you know that SMEs are the most vulnerable to late and overdue payments? This is partly due to more fluctuations in cash flow and dependence on a
limited number of customers. Recovering unpaid invoices themselves also requires time, money and specialized staff. With the right solution, however, as an SME you can fully focus on your growth and keep your business running.

Discover a trade credit insurance developed especially for SMEs that not only protects you against bad payers, but also helps you to avoid the risk of default of

As a large company, you know the importance of optimal credit management. Credit insurance tailored to the needs of your business protects your trade
receivables and guarantees your cash flow and working capital. Thanks to specialized and detailed information, you also make well-advised decisions about new customers and markets.

Protect your company against the largest and most common risks that are inevitably associated with doing business. Our solutions offer you security.

Protecting your organisation against late payments or insolvencies becomes increasingly complex when you operate in multiple countries and have diverse business activities. That is why you need crystal clear visibility and control when managing complex trading agreements.

International trade credit insurance does more than just offer you extra protection for your business and your bottom line. It also provides you with unique knowledge and data to expand your markets and grow profitably.

Our trade credit insurance for e-commerce allows B2B companies to offer secure online-deferred payment. This digital trade credit insurance seamlessly supports Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) functionality. This protects you against the risk of insolvency or inability to pay of your customers.
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