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See below which phone number to call so we can help you quickly.
 You will also find here the appropriate contact forms for your question or comment.
Do you have a question about covering your credit risk or fraud risk? We will be happy to help you with appropriate advice.
Are you already a customer with us? Then you can call the Customer Line on weekdays from 08:30-17:00 for all your questions.  
Or have you been told by your supplier that we cannot provide coverage or less coverage on your business? If so, please call 02 289 44 00 or email
At Allianz Trade, we can only help you with questions about trade credit insurance, fraud insurance and guarantees. Do you have a question about any other Allianz business insurance? Then check here for contact options.
If so, please contact our press officer Sabine Weppner at

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When customers are unable to pay their credits to PSE, Allianz Trade offers the appropriate solution. Trade credit insurance gives us the security we need in the event of financial disputes between provider and customer. Moreover, Allianz Trade helps us monitor customers and carries out debt collection when necessary. In this way, we conduct optimal debtor management.
We regularly ask our customers their opinion about our services. For this purpose, we work together with Ekomi. This is an independent company that guarantees the transparency and authenticity of the reviews.

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