Careers at Allianz Trade

Let’s care for tomorrow. For your ambitions. Your dreams. Your challenges. Join team Allianz and discover endless career opportunities.

Florence Lecoutre, Member of the Board of Management, in charge of Digital
Transformation, Human Resources, Communication & ESG, Compliance
Work where you’re encouraged to explore your passions, where your talents are nurtured and you’re given the opportunity to sharpen your skills and uncover your potential.  Work where both people and performance matter. This is what we offer you through our culture of inclusive meritocracy.
Together, we can make a great team. If you are searching for a promising career in an energetic and global business, delivering services that add value and drive growth, then working with us will give you what you want.  
  • We provide training and e-learning in innovation, functional skills, leadership capability and culture change.  It’s available worldwide for a truly global experience.
  • We offer structured one year mentoring programmes with our Board members, regional CEOs and other senior leaders.
  • Continuously learn about yourself.  We promote a culture of regular and constructive feedback to support your development throughout your employee journey.
  • Maximize your work performance and get the most from your life by making your own decisions on where and when you work.
  • Take part in job shadowing and swaps to build relationships with different teams. Plus, develop your creative skills as you learn to look at situations in new ways from different perspectives.
  • We encourage mobility around the world and between departments; your gateway to international opportunities.
  • Benefit from tailored talent management programmes that help you continually build your skills.
  • Boost your visibility and your career.  Take the opportunity to work with our leadership team.
  • Take advantage of international assignments. We share talent with Allianz, our parent company, to give you a wider view and many more opportunities.

Our promise to you

We are the global leader in trade credit insurance and a recognized specialist in the areas of surety, collections, structured trade credit and political risk, with a presence in over 50 countries. And, as a member of the Allianz Group you can draw upon our collective knowledge and global presence.

We are a strong global community that shares know ledge and experience, and are committed to a culture w here both people and performance, matter. Where your excellent results will be as much appreciated as your inclusive, collaborative, entrepreneurial and customer-centric behavior.

We truly care for our employees and their individual needs and aspirations. Together we all shape an environment in which everyone has the confidence to dream, to explore and to grow.

Join us. Let’s care for tomorrow.

We value and cultivate a diverse working environment in which individuals of all backgrounds are supported to learn and succeed.

We are committed to treating everyone with dignity and respect. We follow our code of ethics at all times.

We will support everyone we employ in learning, gaining experience and delivering their best performance.

Our teams share in company success through competitive variable rewards offerings.

We foster a meritocracy culture, where skills and experience play an important role in the competitive, industry-benchmarked packages that we offer.

We offer a suite of benefits ranging from health and life insurance, to retirement savings programs, and a flexible working environment that promotes work-life harmony.

Working with Allianz Trade will give you the opportunity to join a dynamic team and develop your talents. We have a wide range of roles which can match your interests and qualifications. You will be dealing with matters such as how to protect a business, using credit risk management, or debt collection. Or you might be delivering specialised services, for example Advanced Payment Protection. You will find yourself in a culture where both people and performance matter, where collaboration and an entrepreneurial spirit will help you make a real difference. Enjoy the benefits of mentoring, job mobility and tailored talent management as your career progresses. Our approach has been designed to build a workforce that will drive change, help customers and find lasting job satisfaction.